Well as ever in recent years we could make a Top Ten of 2024 out of just the albums released by the end of June however, we still have six months to run so, here are a few albums that we have loved so far this year:

Emily Barker - 'Fragile As Humans'

A gem of a record. Emily's beautiful and wide ranging  vocals  deliver the songs in a way, that you find joy and reflection in equal measure 




The Black Crowes -  'Happiness Bastards'

The brothers back together, first album for donkey’s years and it’s pure good time ROCK AND ROLL ! 



The Decenberists - 'As It Ever was, So It Will be Again'

A truly epic comeback from this much loved band from Portland, Oregan. Story upon story as Colin Meloy & co leads you to various worlds and situations that can keep you  Immersed  in the album for hours at a time. The vinyl package is truly a work of art .




Billie Ellish - Hit Me Hard and Soft 

Billie Eilish’s third studio album is best listened to its entirety from beginning to end

Nigel W.



English Teacher - 'This Could Be Texas'

Poetic, punchy and beautiful performed. English Teacher have put together a set of tunes that cross from pop “Nearly Daffodils”, thought provoking “Broken Biscuits” to sublime “You Blister My Paint”

 Upon hearing a certain Rebecca Lucy Taylor c2006 I said she was the voice of her generation.  Lily Fontaine is my prediction for the voice that will grace a stage for many years and the band are super tight with their off kilter rhythms … Give the album a listen and a must see if you haven’t already!




Ed Harcourt - 'El Magnifico'

After his 2018 & 2020 releases showcasing his talent  for composing melodic, neo-classical pieces, Ed Harcourt returns this year with a first-class album, crammed with superb melodies and lyrics in in his inimitable style, conflating love and beauty with violence and darkness. Simply, Ed Harcourt doing what Ed Harcourt does best.  



Kneecap - 'Fine Art'

Amazing live at Great Escape, their new album is controversial, political, creative and full of dark humour, fired by punk energy, and dirty rap lyrics mixed with Irish and slang. Much more fun than you might expect!



Local Natives- But I Will Wait For You

 A continuation of the album they released in 2022, Time Will Wait For No One.




Grace Petrie -  'Build Something Better' 

 Heartening and uplifting songs. Just as during lockdown I had a craving for cheerful pop music, in the current climate I need a left-wing protest singer.



Pillow Queens  - 'Name your Sorrows'

It has all elements of a perfect album for me.   Catchy songs, some crafty beautiful lyrics, great voices, attitude, and solid song after solid song!



Real Estate - 'Daniel'

 For those of you who have come across this band before, you’ll be familiar with the distinctive jangly guitar sound ever-present across their multiple albums of the last 15 years.  This year’s release Daniel is crammed with delicious tunes, still with their characteristic guitar sound but with added country feel through sublime steel guitar. The intro on opening track Somebody New combines strings and a simple guitar riff to sublime effect; and as you journey deeper into the album, the melodies put you in mind of 60s psychedelia and occasional ventures to AOR territory.  But through the 11 wonderful songs this simply represents a thoroughly good listen.



Bill Ryder-Jones ‘Iechyd Da’

Both a step forward, and a nod back to 2013’s ‘A Bad Wind Blows in My Heart’, this is a record where Bill’s bruised, confessional songwriting marries beautifully with a much bigger sound and production than in the past. It’s still far from ‘feel good’ music, but it’s uplifting nonetheless- there is optimism amongst all the heartbreak.




St. Vincent - 'All Born Screaming'

“ Why did it take me so long to make a big, raucous rock record ?"  Annie Clark said during press interviews for her new and first self-produced album.

Whilst her guitar playing is central to the album it’s used to support a vast diversity of musical styles and themes. The brutal, in your face riffs in ‘Broken Man ‘ and ‘Flea’, the funk of ‘ Big Time Nothing ‘ , ‘Violent Times’ has a strong James Bond theme around it and the title track which starts with an upbeat reggae summery feel until it sharply diverts into a heavy dance track with choir.  Complex , rewarding and an astonishing achievement.     



The Smile- 'Wall of Eyes'

It's not Radiohead but you can  hear the threads.....great  production ,instrumentation songs and vocals held together beautifully by Sons of Kemet drummer Tom Skinner. It all comes together beautifully on 'Bending Hectic' the standout track on the album for me but all the tracks are worthy of mention.

Nigel H.


Sprints  -  'Letter To Self'

What a superb first album from this Dublin four piece rock band. It was released in the first week of the year and has remained my first choice ever since.

The sound has an authentic rawness, with driving guitars carrying you with them as they open up the throttle.  Karla's strong vocals match the energy of the sound.  All the tracks are good, but if I were to choose one it would be 'Heavy'.



Tapir! - ‘The Pilgrim, Their God and the King of My Decrepit Mountain’

A mythical tale of journey and self-discovery. With sincere vocals and gorgeous melodies, it gently stamps its own mark on modern-day folk music.