Tell us about your band, how did you get together and how would you describe your sound for people that have not heard your music yet? 

We got together through school and stuff basically. Sam and Jack are step brothers and so kind of bought us together… half of us went to one school where we live and the other half went to another so we just kind of knew each other and wanted to start a band. I would describe our music as; big, up beat pop songs.  


School / College days... What was the hot music exchanged in the playground or at college? 

I remember when the Arctic Monkeys first single came out… I must have only been about 11 or 12 at the time but I remember people playing that around and thinking this is incredible - I guess the Arctic Monkeys made me want to pick up a guitar and start playing properly so that’s the thing that stands out for me. People are always telling their friends about new bands and stuff so you are always discovering new music when you’re growing up.


Was there any inspiration from your parent’s records collection on the music you are making today? 

I wouldn't really say it has any conscious influence in our music as a band but my parents have showed me a lot of great music from bands they were listening to when they were my age - Joy Division and stuff like that. My dad used to listen to John Peel's shows a lot on the radio so he has shown me a great deal of bands that he discovered from there. 




 You are Bristol based. This City has a heritage of great bands, anything in particular that makes Bristol such a creative place?  

I think Bristol is a great City and the fact that there are so many cool music venues really helps put new bands out there. There have been some great bands that have come out of Bristol so it also has some good history behind it which is good. 


You are signed to Manchester label LAB Records. For new bands today are there pros & Cons between signing for a label or taking the DIY route and what were your considerations before signing on the dotted line?   

We did think about it a lot and about whether it was the right decision for us but we were just open to anyone that could help us get to the next level as a band. So far we have just released a single on LAB Records and our EP is coming out soon so hopefully that will take us up a gear to where we want to be. The label seems right for where we are at the moment though. 


Any particular instruments, effects or, recording techniques that you feel are unique to your sound that you would like to share with your fellow musicians’?   

Don't think there is anything too weird or individual that I can think of. We probably recorded our EP a lot quicker than some bands might so I guess that might be a technique? Don't take longer on it than you need to or it might loose its magic!


What was it like making the video for your single Drink, Dance, Play, anything happen that you didn’t expect on the shoot?   

Was great fun! We got on really well with the director so it was cool. Nothing too unexpected although some local residents weren't too keen on us filming near their houses so we got a few aggressive verbal warnings! 


Having an average age of 18 in the band, do you see this as a short term adventure or are you in the music biz for the long haul like say ASH, who started out at your ages? 

 I think we are definitely in this for the long haul - we don't just want to have our 5 minutes of fame then disappear or be forgotten about. We just want to keep on making music for as long as we can really!


Who drives to the gigs, who chooses the music in the van and where is the best place to eat on tour?  

All of the band drive to gigs apart from me and Harry, who can’t drive! I guess the driver is always in charge of what gets played, recently though we have been playing The Maccabees album 'Given To The Wild' in the car a lot - it is a great album for chilling out to on the motorway. In terms of where we eat - nothing too luxurious at all, usually McDonald's, Subway or somewhere like that.


Back in the Seventies bands would have a few bottles of Jack Daniels on stage with them; today it all seems to be water. What are you guys Whisky, Water or?????  

Haha we are not especially Rock 'n' Roll, we might have a few beers on stage but not Jack Daniels to be honest! Maybe if we are still going in 20 years we might swap the beer for some Whisky...