Hi and how is Chicago today or, are you somewhere else?

We are in Memphis Tennessee and it's very nice!

Your new album is out of the 19th April in the UK. What are the greatest differences between ‘Beware and be Grateful' and ‘Perch Patchwork’ in your eyes (& ears)?

In many ways I think that 'Beware and Be Grateful' grew out of 'Perch Patchwork' and feels like it builds upon our previous work, but the album has a very different feel and is thematically very different. I think that 'Beware and Be Grateful' is more expansive sonically, more technically challenging and includes a lot of new type of experimentation for us such as improvisation and the use of effects.

The new record was recorded at Omaha's ARC Studios. Anything cool we should know about Omaha? 

Omaha is a really fun city and was a place that we'd only had the opportunity to stop by briefly on tour, so having the opportunity to spend a more substantial amount of time there was really nice. There is such an interesting music scene in Omaha and ARC is a part of that so it was great to experience a small piece of that. 

Any particular instruments, effects, or recording techniques that you would like to share with your fellow musicians’ that you used on the new record? 

We tried experimenting with new techniques on every song and ARC had a lot of great equipment to play around with.  I haven't historically used effects pedals live, but after playing around with the Red Witch Titan delay pedal, Electro-Harmonix POG and a bunch of different Z. Vex pedals I kind of want to get a bunch of them.

Any festivals lined up for this summer or any places you are particularly looking forward to playing? 

We are playing Free Press Summer Fest in Houston as well as a several other festivals in the Midwestern US. We really appreciate the festival atmosphere and are really looking forward to it!



How did you guys decide to take the musical path as a career and were there other options outside music that you gave serious consideration too? 

None of us were actually studying music when we met in college and individually we all had plans for different job paths after college, but by the time of our graduation touring and continuing to make music together seemed fun and important.

Your cover design of this record is quite difference from Perch Patchwork. What was the inspiration? 

We felt that cover art that was simple and sparse, but iconic was most appropriate for 'Beware & Be Grateful'.

Where do you think it is easier for a new band to start out in the U.S or the U.K.? Where do you see more support and opportunities or, is it all a level playing field? 

Only knowing our own experience, it is difficult to say, but I would like to think that regardless of where a band comes from they can do well if they focus on what they want to do artistically and on having fun. 

How was your SXSW last week and did you discover any new sounds?

We had a lot of shows so a lot of the festival was consumed by that as well as catching up with friends while we were down there, but on our way down to SXSW we played with a band called Radiation City from Portland, OR who were great. The Coathangers are a band that I'd never seen before SXSW and I really enjoyed their set. 

Peyton Manning to Denver. Good move? 

We'll see!

New Album 'BEWARE AND BE GRATEFUL' is out on Fat Cat Records on 16th April and the band will be on tour in the UK

16 Mon BRISTOL Cooler

17 Tue LONDON Garage

18 Wed MANCHESTER Night and Day

19 Thu GLASGOW Nice 'N Sleazy

20 Fri LEEDS Brudenell

The album trailer featuring the track 'Remote And Dark Years' is here