Hi and how the devil are you today?  

Good thanks. How's the god in you?


 Is life always hectic?

Life is however we choose to perceive it. I wear love glasses. (Rose Tinted) 



Your second full length album just released and it’s quite a departure from Vidalia where did the inspiration come from for these new songs.


From my subconscious and, its connection to our collective unconscious.


How do you approach the art of composing a song?


When the strength of a melody compels me to find it's meaning with words.


 I can’t recall the band playing in Europe, are there any plans to make a trip across the pond?   

We are working towards a fall time tour this year.



‘Let’s make Babies in the Woods’ is a relatively short album.  With all that space left on the CD was there the urge to continue recording?

 I think our cultural ADD(Attention Deficit Order) makes a short record ever sweeter. That said we have already released the first of three conceptual EP's, babies or children from let's make babies in the woods. Each with their own personalities. ‘First Born’ is available for free download on our website  we are tracking ‘Middle Child’ now and expect it to be available in August.


 Do you enjoy touring and over the years have you found any particular locations or sites that you have fallen in love with?


I love to travel be it on tour or otherwise. We are anxious to tour Europe.



What do you prefer, the studio, concert hall or festival stage?


No preference. They have different strengths. I like the variety.    



Can you compare life as a musician and actress, are they intertwined or totally separate existences? 


Both are a part of my life as an artist. I welcome the opportunity in both art forms, whichever moves me most towards learning and exploring life's adventure is the one I'm apt to choose.



Who would you most like to collaborate with musically?

David Byrne 

Thom Yorke

Dr. Dre