The Rock Club UK

WELCOME to...The Rock Club and thanks for visiting our home site. 

We are an open collective of musical souls, some who found their rhythmic muse in the 60s, with Blues, Jazz and Rock n Roll, some who got soaked in the fountain of Folk, Prog, Rock, Punk and Soul in the Seventies and some who grew up under the influence of Electronica, Shoegazing, Americana and indie.

New music is there for the taking, every second of every day, and it can be hard to sort the wheat from the chaff, as well as stay across an extremely active retro market. At the Rock Club we believe that often less is more, so we won’t bombard you with every new or re-release under the sun. What we will do is let you know which bands, artists and records make an impact when they cross our collective radar.

We'll also tell you about the live shows and festivals we’re going to. Between us these can be pretty much on a daily basis, and cover a wide range of genres, at home and abroad. If you’re tired of gigging alone and want a like minded muso by your side, we can probably help. Then we’ll review the bands we see that hit the mark, and those that don’t.

And we'll endeavour to interview those musicians who may not always have a very high profile, but despite that, or perhaps because of it, have something interesting to say to music enthusiasts and fellow musicians alike. 

‘Open Collective’ means that we encourage you as fans or musicians alike to get in touch and contribute to our site and media platforms. Spread the word about that great ‘under the radar’ sound you have discovered or created. Remember, at the RCUK, we don’t just rock!

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The Rock Club UK - Established 2004