Instrumentalist, producer and engineer George Grant  from New York City shares his fave tunes of 2021

 Top Ten 2021

1.  Delphine Coma - Tortousa.

My favorite of 2021. Although released in very late 2020 - it’s extremely well written and very beautiful sounding record.

2.  BootBlacks - Thin Skies

Great friends, great musicians and most importantly innovators in todays scene. Unbelievable live act as well.

3.  Hallowed Hearts - Ruined EP

Also great friends, great songwriters that haven’t yet even come close to tapping all the potential they have.

4. Actors - Acts Of Worship

Jason is a master of all trades literally. Another great record by the band Actors - already established as one of the best in the modern scene. Jason mastered my latest CD, much to my benefit.

5.  Lefki Symphonia - Black Twilight Single

THE most played single of 2021 for me. A fantastic band with a very, very rich history.

6.  Twin Tribes - Altars

Remix album by one of my favorites. While the original songs are postpunk/gothic classics, Altars got a lot of spins by me in 2021...

7.  Hapax - Exile

Hapax is easily one of my favorite modern postpunk bands. Silvery Track from this EP is phenomenal and record overall just reinforces their unique sound.

8. Ashes Fallen - A Fleeting Melody Out Of A Fading Dream.

I fell in love with this record then actually fell in love with the folks who made it. Exceptional guitar work and strong songs are the highlight of this CD for me.

9. The Long Losts - At This Late Hour

Hometown friends, and I was initially completely entranced with a track from this record (The End That Calls Us Home). When I actually got to work with the singer Anka, I realized just how unique of a sound they have even more. This album exemplifies that.

10. Pilgrims Of Yearning - Bari Bari Remixes

POY are a great band, but when they let Bari Bari from the classic band Mephisto Waltz remix their songs “The Visitor” and “The Besieged” they totally struck GOLD. It took them to a higher level and I really look forward to more.


George said "Black Rose Burning is my latest and sophomore release is titled The Wheel and essentially combines post punk, post goth and retro synth. 2021 was a very exciting time for new music for me. Very skilled writers, players and mostly extremely indie based. The scene grew leaps and bounds with the advent of Twitch Dj streams and I can’t remember a time when the scene has been closer, worldwide, ever".