Singer / Songwriter Paul Moseley shares his Top Tem Albums for 2017

1. Jack Harris ‘The Wide Afternoon’ (RootBeat)

Unashamedly poetic and excellent grown up folk/singer/song-writing. Smart and literary songs subtly and beautifully produced by Gerry Diver. Full disclosure; Jack also appears on my EP 'Wintertide'...

2. Rostam ‘Half Light’ (Nonesuch)

Vampire Weekend-er does art-pop collages and gorgeous songs. All over the shop in a great way.

3. Josienne Clarke and Kit Downes ‘Such A Sky’ (Bandcamp)

Piano and voice. Folk and Jazz. And a show tune. Stark and beautiful. Full disclosure: Josienne also appears on my EP 'Wintertide'...

4. Colin Riley ‘Shenanigans’ (NMC recordings)

Stop/start Clarinet and percussion contemporary classical. Much more enjoyable than that makes it sound.

5. Lisa Knapp 'Til April Is Dead - A Garland Of May’ (Ear To The Ground)

Also produced by Gerry Diver, a collage of ancient and modern folk, Spring time light and shade and Lisa’s sparkling voice.

6. Matt Martians 'The Drum Chord Theory’ (Three Quarter)

Another collage, this time of lazy soul funk and FM pop. ‘Diamond In Da Ruff’ is especially great.

7. Randy Newman ‘Dark Matter’ (Nonesuch)

A very, very good Randy Newman album. ‘Wandering Boy’ is heart breaking

8. The Magnetic Fields ’50 Song Memoir' (Nonesuch)

Like it says, 50 songs tell a life, from daft to devastating. Lo fi and brilliant.

9. Jaimie Branch ‘Fly Or Die’ (International Anthem)

Jazz trumpet cityscapes with bonkers drums and cello, Much more enjoyable than that makes it sound.

10. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds ‘Lovely Creatures - the best of... 1984 - 2014’ (Mute)

It’s a compilation but if anyone doesn’t have much of this stuff you should get it, it’s all great.

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