London Based Nightlife deliver their Top Ten Album for 2016

1- Pinegrove - Cardinal

Whoever says guitar music is dead obviously hasn't heard Pinegrove yet. Intricate and cerebral lyrical storytelling over a country/emo backdrop, they are unique but feel like a band you've known your whole life all at the same time. Check out their Audiotree session as they sound even better live than on record!

2- Blood Orange - Freetown Sound

Dec Hynes is a bloody genius and anything he touches turns into great pop music, extremely catchy and emotional. Major 90s vibes on this record as well!

3- American Football - II

Proof that quality trumps quantity any day. 17 years after their debut, this album feels equal parts fresh and nostalgic and it's the antithesis of a "we've run out of money" band reunion.

4- Frank Ocean - Blond

This is probably on everyone's list but there's a reason for that. Once again showing that good things come to those who wait (there seems to be a running theme here!). It lived up the hype and whatever your musical tipple, this is a must listen.

5- Pup - The Dream is Over

Pup are the best musicians to come out of Canada ever (with the possible exception of Shania Twain, sorry guys!) Their debut was smashing and so is this, riffs for weeks ??

6- Animal Collective - Painting With

Another band with an amazing and unique live show, Animal Collective reinvent themselves on every release. This caters much more to the pop masses but they're still a musician's band.

7- Dinosaur Pile-Up - Eleven Eleven

Dinosaur Pile-Up are a massive influence on us and their move to the bigger, simpler rock 'n' roll riffs and heavy beats feels like the right move. A great pick me up for the horrible early commute.

8- Porches - Pool

I've loved this band ever since I stumbled upon their debut "Slow Dance In The Cosmos" on Bandcamp years ago. Aaron Maine is a songwriting powerhouse and I'm glad to see they're gaining traction and recognition.

9- Tigercub - Abstract Figures In The Dark

A unanimous favourite in the NIGHTLIFE camp, Tigercub are one of many amazing bands to come out of the consistently surprising Brighton music scene. This album takes their sound and cranks it to 11, we bloody love it!

10- Panic! At The Disco - Death Of A Bachelor

This probably gets the award for most played out of this list, purely for the amount of karaoke we've done in the tour van to this album! We're all about flamboyance and silly high falsetto, and you should be too.