EofE are becoming a very hot property, 2014 has seen them tour with McBusted and The Vamps. Their twitter account has around 24,000 followers as does Facebook. So it was nice to finally be able to meet the guys and see them do their stuff.

The Borderline is a perfect venue for EofE, their lets get in the face of our fans approach is genuine and something they all appear comfortable with, very few of the crowd were first timers and all keen to participate, from the meet and greet beforehand to the we'll sing our hearts out for you gig. 

Lust started the set and new single Bridges closed it. From first to last it was an amazing balanced performance from 5 enthusiastic and very accomplished musicians. Front man Tom quickly had the crowd hooked with his amazing vocal range, and to be fair none of the band are makeweights the line up, now settled with Dan (Lead Strings) Luke (Bass) Reece (Rhythm Strings) and Nicky (Drums) all play well and contribute vocally. 

The gig focused on new music rather than the old Contagion album (originally released as Audio Disease) all of which was enthusiastically received by their legion of followers. There was even time for a quirky, but brilliant version of smells like teen spirit sung with the Lyrics of MJ's Billie Jean (titled Jillie Bean) raising the crowd to a whole new level of excitement. 

This is a band that has clearly learned a lot from the bigger tours they supported on this year, and have used it to build a loyal fan base. The next challenge I would say is to get an album out there to tour with. 

They are an exciting band riding the crest of a McBusted/Vamps wave and the momentum could see them become hugely successful, the new single Bridges is a you tube smash and both prior singles Kiss me like you mean it and Lust have had some good radio time. All in all a great night, certainly an experience that leaves you grinning throughout. You may want to take your teenage daughter as an excuse to go, but it will definitely be worth it.



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Set list:


Kiss Me/Sugar

Save The Night


Piece of You

Buck Rogers

Stars in Hollywood

Jillie Bean