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I remember a discussion on a Springsteen fan forum alleging that Bruce is more popular in Norway than anywhere else in the world – as evidenced by concert ticket sales and the number of households that own a copy of 'The Seeger Sessions'. The point was made that the smalltown America that Bruce sings about has many similarities with isolated towns in Norway – far away from anywhere. Very pretty, for sure, but also a place that adventurous souls may long to escape from.

Based in Sheffield, The Silver Darlings are a collection of musicians playing the songs of writer and guitarist Andy Whitehouse. With the release of ‘Something of the Sound’ the band have released a warming album for what could possibly be a chilly Easter.

Courtney Marie Andrews may just be one of the hardest working artists around at the moment - nine months of 2017 were spend on the road touring previous long player 'Honest Life', yet here we are in March 2018 with her new release 'May Your Kindness Remain'.

We've all heard of those musicians who always are “taking a deserved break”, or “on an hiatus”. Counter that thought with those musicians who seems to thrive on hard work, always have something interesting to say and appear to spend their lives on the touring and recording cycle.

One of the great things about art (books, films, photographs, albums) is that it can take you to new places. I mean that in the literal sense. With his album 'The Town Where I Live' Rick Shea takes us to small town Americana – places where there is no work, not much to be hopeful about, where people drink and fight and others dream of escaping. With these songs we get a glimpse into the lives of the characters who live there.

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