Light Creates Shadow is the musical creation of singer/guitarist, Marc Changnon a veteran of the Portland Oregon music scene along with, guitarist Antreo Pukay, bassist Nicholas Von Pless and drummer Frank Canepa. The band have just released their debut album ‘ Emerge From The Illusion’ which I think would immediately find a home with a legion of Post and Progressive rock fans very quickly.

Recorded at the Modest Mouse Glacial Pace headquarters and produced, engineered and mixed by Brandon Eggleston of Modest Mouse and Swans fame, there is a lot going for the record before you even hit the play button.

The EP has a widescreen almost visual sound that fills the room and sits somewhere between Slowdive, Marillion and the Smashing Pumpkins. The music rips through the sound waves and would indicate the band must be pretty spectacular live.

Opener ‘Into The Wake Of My Wait’ has a shoegaze feel which Marc’s dreamy vocals rest upon to make an impressive introduction to the band.‘When The Mask Dropped’ has the same shoegaze intro but moves briskly towards Post Rock in the core of the song which again demonstrates the range of Marc’s vocals.

An instrumental interlude heralds the final two epic tracks that round out the record, 'Stented Growth' is a masterpiece.

All this should leave no one in any doubt that this band is here to stay.


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Emerge From The Illusion

1. Into The Wake Of My Wait (5:25)
2. When The Mask Dropped (6:09)
3. Salience (2:03)
4. Mirror Neurons (7:29)
5. Stented Growth (10:41)