A mini album or EP, whichever terminology you prefer, with five tracks from Portugese Prog metallers, Heylel is due out on 30th October.

Being released barely a year after the release of the band’s debut album “Nebulae” this is a band hard at work honing their craft.

Opener ‘Saint’s’ is one of the standout tracks, like a Marillion meets Genesis gem.‘Heritage’ has more of a Rush edge with Ana Batista’s vocals in full flow.

Just like “Nebulae”, this EP was recorded and mixed in Narciso. This time around the production duties fell to Damien Sequei for the "more specialised sound that the band where searching for" and I guess found.

A few changes have been made to the band line-up as well. Stripped back to its original three members, Ana Batista (vocals), Narciso Monteiro (guitars, bass, keyboards) and Filipe Braga (drums and percussion. Paulo Rodrigues, singer with Debunker, was invited to record backing vocals on the aforementioned ‘Saints’ as well as main vocals on “Denial”.

In Classic Rock / Prog terms this is a fine EP and shows a band with much more to offer in the years to come and hopefully the addition of some UK dates soon.



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