Born in Brisbane, Australia and now living in Penzance West Cornwall, Clayton J Elliott records under the name 'Tuttle'. ‘Strum und Drang’ is his new EP of Alt-Blues which is available for your listening pleasure via Bandcamp.

Raw, ragged tunes shine through with influences that would seem to be in the raw, ragged territory of Tom Waits, and Nick Cave. The EP is bookended by two excellent tunes, ‘The River’ and the rasping ’40 years’ that concludes the EP. In-between there is an acoustic cover of Gillian Welch's 'One Monkey' with guitarist Tony Apple of Cornwall's Gwelhellin. An instrumental 'Hall of Buttons' and the angry 'Sad Little Man'.

There is a lot of musical talent out there, you just have to keep digging, then you turn up little treasures just like this.



Tuttle on Bandcamp