Third album from David Bronson a man rapidly mastering and maturing his varied songwriting craft and that of musical storyteller. Opener Songbird is immediately engrossing with gentle acoustic guitar and a voice that reminds you of an Al Stewart or David Gray in places. The song builds with backing voices into a much bigger piece than where it started.

'Move Like Water' is a Simon Felice like styled ballad and the singer's in the background are quite astonishing. This album is full of 'big songs' that grow and grow from quiet beginnings. An exception is 'Task' which lays down a funky groove from the start with pounding drums that drive the song along to its conclusion.

David's voice takes on a falsetto on 'Song of Life which highlight's his vocal range. 'My Good Friend' has a 70's West Coast feel and the record concludes with the beautiful  'Passing Fiction' 

David is joined on the record by the likes of vocalist Robin Clark, guitarist Carlos Alomar and his daughter Lea-Lórien Alomar. Guitarist Robbie "Seahag" Mangano, drummer Lautaro Burgos and vocals from Gordon Grody make up the recording outfit. Godfrey Diamond produced the album.

Eleven songs in all, this is a varied and enjoyable album of many styles, so sit back and relax with David Bronson.



David Bronson – Questions is release on 13 January via Big Arc Records