"This will come as no surprise given the name, but The Classical is most concerned with ancient, timeless things. While not every song on 'Diptych' is specifically about antiquity, a number of them were conceived and written on a month-long academic trip to ancient sites in Italy. We like to think that you could approach each song the way you might approach an artefact: perhaps it's opaque and a bit strange at first glance, but with further contemplation you can uncover a fundamental humanity and a distinct pulse." So say's The Classical's is Juliet E. Gordon.

Juliet writes the music and lyrics, whilst drummer Britt provides the bedrock of sound for those lyrics to rest on. The duo live and play in the Bay Area of San Francisco, indeed Juliet lives in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge which must cast a mighty big shadow, listening to some of the album's dark lyrics, Indeed that experimental brooding dark space that comes across on a Scott Walker album where he has the knack of exploring the outer limits of music is well and truly present on 'Diptych'.

This is no ordinary album, slivers of Jazz, acoustic singer-songwriter moments and industrial soundscape noise all entwined on an album that is best sat down and listened to. The record deserves you concentration as it will reward with each listen.

Nine songs most stretching to the 6 - 8 and 9 minute mark all evolve as they progress. A sign of the times I guess that this much variation in sound can be achieved by just two people.

There are many duos around today all playing fabulous music, Wye Oak, Royal Blood, Drenge and The Lost Brothers all spring to mind this year with their own unique sound and style, which is something The Classical bring to the party in bucket loads on 'Diptych'

You can listen to the whole album HERE (late at night, in that favourite chair sipping a malt whisky perhaps) then dip into your pocket for a mere $6 (or £3.50) and purchase a unique record, something really different from a band who we hope emerge from the shadow of that bridge very soon.



1. The Blue Room  

2. Shovel & Bevel  

3. Byzantine Tango  

4. Deft With Language  

5. Driveby  

6. Sicily: Catacombs 

7. Escapeboards, pt. I 

8. Our Lady of Revenge  

9. Younger Days