Roots music legends Dave Alvin and Jimmie Dale Gilmore grew up on opposite ends of the American West, but for their entire adult lives the two have shared a primary residence: the road.

Forty years on the highway living off dreams and gasoline. Somehow still surviving on Advil, Nyquil and nicotine,” sings Alvin on “Downey To Lubbock” the title track to the duo’s upcoming collaborative album out June 1 on Yep Roc Records.

The brand-new original sees Alvin ( Blasters) and Gilmore (“the old Flatlander”) trade verses as they chronicle memories from a lifetime of near-constant touring. 

The video to “Downey To Lubbock” was filmed in the Cinema Bar in LA,. "It really kind of demonstrates the way it was," Gilmore tells Billboard about the clip, "It also shows the way we did the recording, kind of old style. It wasn’t live on stage but we were all playing together on the track. Of course we did some overdubs and stuff, but getting it down there's a live feel to it because, in essence, it was live."

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Downey to Lubbock out 1st June on Yep Roc