A new track from Howie Payne has arrived just ahead of a run of solo acoustic dates, including London's The Rosemary Branch Theatre on 21 February. 

'Evangeline (Los Angeles)' is a new mix of one of the  tracks from Howie's (formerly of The Stands) latest solo album 'Mountain'.

The video is HERE  

​Speaking about the new track, Howie says;​ "I thought it'd be quite cool to record the songs as I’ve been playing them at the acoustic shows, just as they were written, in their purest form with no overdubs or anything like that,” says Howie. “I went into Hoxa Studio in London and recorded them in an afternoon. It's the same songs, so it's connected, but has its own vibe and is its own thing, like a sketch is to a painting.”

​Howie will be playing the following solo acoustic dates:

20 Feb Liverpool, The Unity Theatre

21 Feb London, The Rosemary Branch Theatre

02 Mar Chester, St Mary’s A Creative Space