Adam Ostrar announces his upcoming album Brawls In The Briar and shares the first single "Spare Me". 

A  band leader over the last twenty years, and a songwriter of considerable output, Adam Ostrar (formerly Adam Busch) now presents his second solo record Brawls In The Briar, after a career spent at the helm of art rock ensembles The Curious Digit (Jagjaguwar), Manishevitz (Jagjaguwar) and SONOI (Meno Mosso).

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Ostrar moved to Chicago in 1999 where he remained until 2014. During this time period as primary songwriter he released four Manishevitz albums on Jagjaguwar. He later formed the band SONOI with fellow Manishevitz alumni Ryan Hembrey and drummer Pierce Doerr.

In 2015, after relocating to Austin, he began his solo career with River of Bricks (Meno Mosso). Adam meticulously edited and demoed versions until he felt the songs were fully fleshed out and were ready to record with the band. The recordings for 'Brawls in the Briar' were cut live in five days with no rehearsals.

Early indications are that this will be a fine record so, keep your ears peeled. Album pre-orders are here