Just returned from a short break to Vienna to see the Christmas markets and to take in the Marillion gig. What more can you ask for at this time of year?

Yes the venue is a Gasometer or rather part of a number of old Gasometer buidings converted to a shopping centre and concert hall with its own underground station 10 minutes or so from the city centre. Near full house created a great atmosphere.

The set list included large chunks of the excellent and classy last album FEAR and began with El Dorado from that offering. Steve Hogarth announced the next song, No one Can, as being in complete contrast and described it as "fluffy and nice and fluffy!" The last time I saw the band play that was in Manchester when the chap standing next to me said it was his wedding song! Ahh! We prog fans really have a soft heart don't we?

I particularly enjoyed Seasons End which was prefaced by "H" making references to climate change problems and the protests against green taxes in France--"the French are revolting" he said with his usual cheeky grin "a culture built on revolution" I think only one French fan responded to that taunt with a shout of "oi" or the French equivalent to that.

The next piece from FEAR was The Leavers and its themes of "leaving " and "remaining" showed that I couldn't escape the Brexit issues even when on holiday in Vienna. The final encore to end the gig was Garden Party and that really went down well with the entire, previously seated, audience on its feet.

I was very impressed with the venue; the sound balance was spot on and "H"'s vocals were as strong as I have ever heard. Marillion gigs are always entertaining and it's great to be able to watch a band of their longevity playing new music every bit as good as from their early albums. I am very much looking forward to seeing Marillion with orchestral friends on tour next year.

Jeff Wood