We've all been in a part-filled music venue which claimed to be “SOLD OUT” for the sake of good PR for the band, haven't we. Tonight as I walk up the stairs to the Main Hall at Rock City there are people standing in the doorway to the entrance it's rammed, there are 2,500 here tonight to see local heroes/ anti-heroes/ superheroes Sleaford Mods. Andrew Fearn (laptop, blue 'Still Hate Thatcher' shirt, and bottled beer), and Jason Williamson (machine-gun style vitriolic vocals, plain black shirt and bottled water) walk on stage to a heroes welcome.

Tonight's show is a mix of old faves and new stuff from the 'TCR' E.P. 'I Can Tell' and the title track (the cleaned up version of which has been getting air play on 6Music) get played early in the set. 'Face to Faces', 'Fizzy' and 'Giddy On The Ciggies' get the largely male and young moshpit going down the front.

Mid song something gets thrown towards Jason, at the end of the song he addresses the transgressor “I am not Tony Stark, I am made of flesh. If you throw things at me and I go down you have wasted ten pounds. Hit the b*****d” In spite of that incident the mood is celebratory, the band seem genuinely overjoyed with the audience's reaction “Just remember you didn't come to see us tonight, we came here to see you. We love you Nottingham” as they finish the main set.

The three track encore begins with the rattling intro to 'Jobseeker' over which Jason ad-libs a couple of lines from Bad Manners' 'Lip Up Fatty'.'Tied Up in Nottz' ignites the Catherine Wheel circle pit and rockets of beer fountains and keeps the bouncers busy attempting to repel the stage invaders one of whom gets through and takes an impressive dive back into the crowd at the climax of the song.

The lack of a traditional song structure, the minimal deep bass beats from Andrew's laptop and Jason's impressive machine-gun style vocal rattle sit uneasily with some, but as a band willing to shine a light at the absurdity and general dissatisfaction many feel in life they are a vital British band.

Alisdair Whyte