'The Future' is the new album from duo Brad and Jessica Lauretti from Brooklyn, New York. Sounding much more like lovers than brother and sister, their second album is warm and touching with just the right amount of pathos. Recorded in an old school house in Wassaic (upstate NY) with engineer Justin Pizzoferrato, there's an intimacy and empathy in the music and lyrics that draws the listener in. If the occasional track veers a little to closely to the country border (I'm looking at you 'Key West') there's enough rough edges on some of the other tracks like 'Space Baby' and 'Just Because' to ensure that your attention remains. The melancholy vibe is at times reminiscent of some of Richmond Fontaine's quieter moments, and there's a nice emotional edge to Brad's voice. 

In some ways this is almost an American alt country version of the Big Deal album 'Lights Out' that came out in the UK a couple of months ago - it's got the same deceptively simple air that draws the listener in, and there's plenty of musical variation to be found behind the simple acoustic facade. And while ultimately it might not be quite as satisfying as the Big Deal record it's still got enough talent and charm to make it worth recommending. The band played the End of the Road festival last month, so if you were lucky enough to see them there then well done, the rest of us will just have to hope they return to these shores soon. 

Oh, and if you buy the album as a physical cd get it here it comes with 3D artwork and its own set of 3D glasses - now that really is the future!



1.     Space Baby

2.     The Secret Book

3.     Don't Treat Me Like A Dog

4.     Reckless Girl

5.     Key West

6.     Just Because

7.     Calamity Jane

8.     No Need To Sleep

9.     Boat To Sicily

10.  Dirt Road



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