I have been giving this album a few listens over the past 3-4 weeks and actually gave it a break and then went back to it, just to see if it had some lasting power. It does!


This record is a ragged blues-fuelled classic, with a modern twist. The guitar lines cut like a razor blade on opener 'You're in my blood', and 'Heart rested with you' is pure classic Rock. Thunderous stuff!


The new record follows their eponymous 2009 debut which was filed under the nu-folk bracket. If that was the case, then the record that you could soon be holding in your hands is a seismic change.


Since 2009, Kill It Kid have been earning their spurs via relentless touring, inspired by the old blues warriors, although the band actually hails from Bath. Still, that was the home of the famous Blues festival of 1969/70 so there must be something in the water.

'Pray on me' is a ballad interlude with Chris Turpin’s shared lead vocals ripping through the air. Stephanie Ward's voice is sweet and gentle on ‘Dark Hearted Songbird’. 


The blues holds a reckless sway over the second half of the album with tracks like 'Home' where the vocals are as rich as the guitar accompaniment. Album closer and title track is back to the big ROCK sound with gritty vocals and gut wrenching cords.


This album is a fiery beast and I would expect the live show to be a sweat soaked rockin’ night out. It still feels like this band are still finding their feet but growing as they do so. You can bet that when they find their peak, they will be loud!





You're In My Blood

Heart Rested With You

Wild And Wasted Waters

Pray On Me

Dark Heated Songbird


Sweetness Has A Hold On

Sweet Nothings


Let My Feet Fall Heavy





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