Calling your band the Amazing is either foolhardy, leaving yourself open to ridicule or perhaps shows a justified self belief in your own talents. Thankfully, these elegant Swedish psych-rockers more than live up to their name.

Album number 5, In Transit doesn’t particularly stray from their template of dreamy, swirling layers of guitars, synths and drums but when it already sounds this good why change the formula ?

Trying to decipher the lyrics and hence the theme of the album is an almost impossible task due to the vocals being so buried in the mix, however Christoffer Gunrup the band’s vocalist and one of their guitarists states “In Transit sums us up I think. We’re always passing through, our music is just moments in time, we never really know why it takes it’s turns”

This rings true after the first listen to the album, as often the tracks almost feel like a meandering improvisation - it’s fair to say this is a long album, clocking in at an hour and 10 minutes, with 2 tracks breaking the 9 minute mark. If you’re thinking of listening on the way to work, or snatching a quick listen while out shopping, I’d suggest this album is not for you. It demands your time, and taking your time about it. It needs to wash over you like a warm summer’s day to get the full effect.

Thats not to say there isn’t some contrast hidden in there ; check out the Swans-like guitar fury at the end of Benson se Convirtio Completamente Furiosa, but ultimately this is a lovely, dreamy addition to The Amazing’s catalogue and history, and well worth the effort and patience.