Based in Sheffield, The Silver Darlings are a collection of musicians playing the songs of writer and guitarist Andy Whitehouse. With the release of ‘Something of the Sound’ the band have released a warming album for what could possibly be a chilly Easter.

The band have developed a live audience in the Sheffield area, with their story telling song craft. The Divine Comedy or say Pete Astor would be a good stariong point for a comparison as, the nine songs on the album each tell an individual story.

From 2013 the current line up began to emerge and in 2016 recorded their first singles via the Anklebreka Records label. In February 2017, Andy Whitehouse launched a solo album ‘Almost Home’ and has performed from Edinburgh to Brighton both as a solo artist and with the band.

This album is well paced with plenty of different styles that can have you jumping around the room or,  sitting comfortably in front of a roaring fire!


Anklebreka Records

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