Courtney Marie Andrews may just be one of the hardest working artists around at the moment - nine months of 2017 were spend on the road touring previous long player 'Honest Life', yet here we are in March 2018 with her new release 'May Your Kindness Remain'.

 Written mainly in tour vans, hotels and homes of family & friends, and recorded goodness knows when, the album is a bigger, fuller sound than the mainly acoustic Honest Life. This is helped in no short measure by the superb supporting cast of musicians, and the wonderful backing vocals of gospel singer C.C White. CC is none more evident than in the wonderful title track which kicks off the album, and sets a bold statement for the rest of the album thanks to the stunning harmonies.

Whilst the themes of the album are at times downbeat, introspective and brutally honest, the overall effect of the album is one of defiance rather than self pity, mainly due to Andrews’ voice never sounding so strong and beautiful.

The rollocking Two Cold Nights in Buffalo, is perhaps the most obvious country song on the album, however this then leads into the beautiful, fragile piano ballad of Rough Around The Edges which brings you down for all the right reasons.

Next up we’re in blues rock territory with Border, and the vocals take on a power and grace not yet seen.

Side 2 continues it’s chameleon like structure, but to the same end - various influences and styles which keep the listener intrigued and delighted throughout. And the beauty of it, is that her vocals seems to suit each style equally well, although standout for this reviewer is on the playful I’ve Hurt Worse.

Clearly touring, working hard and travelling suits CMA if this is the result of all that disruption, and surely she’ll be even busier in 2018 promoting this collection of songs. Does that mean we should expect another banger in 2019 ? Here’s hoping, but before then take the time to absorb the gorgeous voice of CMA and this latest, exquisite collection of hers.