Yet another beautiful record from Beth Nielson Chapman. ‘ Hearts of Glass’ has just been released on Proper Music - BNC Records. Produced by Sam Ashworth, 'Hearts Of Glass' is Sunday afternoon chilled gem.

Musicianship is lovely with Beth’s honeyed vocals, merged into a gentle ocean breeze of tenderness. The songs are mostly written by Beth alone with the exception of,  'Enough For Me' which was written with Sam. The opening track, 'Come To Mine', the only other co-written song, was composed with Graham Gouldman and Kevin Montgomery at Chris Difford’s Song writing retreat in Somerset.

My intention was to do an album of songs 100% written by me, and bring together those kinds of songs that have a certain focus and vibe, but 'Come To Mine' just jumped out and insisted on leading the pack! It’s timely what with all that’s swirling around in the world right now”. "The same is true for the closing track 'Dancer To The Drum' which provides the perfect bookend" said Beth.

'Hearts Of Glass’ features several gems plucked from Beth’s vast collection of songs that have been re-recorded and now moved from piano to guitar.

The first-time release of Beth’s version of the classic “If My World Didn’t Have You” features Rodney Crowell on backing vocals. This song first appeared on Willie Nelson’s 'Horse Called Music' album along with her song 'Nothing I Can Do About It Now'.

'Hearts Of Glass' is composed with the idea of taking you right into the “centre of truth, and the full beautiful world of contradictions that inhabit love and life” It is definitely a sit back and relax record whatever your mood.


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