If you’ve just about had enough of the miserable weather, how about listening to some “raw, fuzzed out garage rock” from Birmingham to cheer you up ?? In that case, that’s exactly what Table Scraps can offer you from their latest album 'Autonomy'.

This is a band getting attention from both their impressive support slots, and radio play from the both Radio 1 and 6 Music. Idles frontman Joe Talbot played 'My Obsession' whilst sitting in for Lammo on their Recommends show, and Tom Ravencroft gave 'Sick of Me' its first play.

Table Scraps are a straightforward, energetic 3 piece playing muddy, fuzzy rock, and comprise of Scott Vincent Abbot on vocals and guitar, TJ on bass, and Poppy Twist on the sticks.

'Autonomy' is a short, sharp shock of an album that doesn’t require any great analysis or study, but is just the antidote for the post Xmas malaise. At just 29 minutes for the 10 songs, the album doesn’t outstay its welcome, but gives just the adrenaline boost needed at this time of the year. Song titles like 'Sick of Me', 'More Than You Need Me', 'Treat Me Like Shit' and 'My Obsession' show a self deferential side to their songwriting, and the songs stick pretty much to the same blueprint - vocals deep within the mix, fuzzy guitars and thudding rhythm section.

If you want a reference point for the album, then think Fat White Family with slivers of Sabbath style riffs thrown in, which when put together gives a booming slab of intensity, with a foot tapping vibe on the side.




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