The Leisure Society first up on the main stage on Friday: This is never the easiest slot, but their sunny folk-pop was perfect for the el scorchio weather, and they gathered a decent crowd. 'We came here last year as punters, so we're really happy to be playing the main stage'. I think they won over a lot of new fans.

Every single teenager on the site suddenly heading en masse over to the Arena on Saturday to watch the Maccabees. How does that work? Do the Maccabees have a special summoning call that is only audible to the under 16s? I’ve never seen such a mass migration outside of a David Attenborough documentary. Truly spectacular.


Hot Chip playing before Kraftwerk on the main stage on Saturday: A perfectly judged set building from the newer 'In Our Heads' stuff through to the older, radio-friendly classics. Cue total pandemonium, massed crowd surfing and lots of people dropping the 3D glasses they were carefully hanging onto for Kraftwerk.


Stuart Maconie in the literary tent on Sunday morning: Stuart saw off the Sunday morning cobwebs with perhaps the most entertaining hour I’ve ever spent in the literary tent at Latitude (and I while away hours in there every year…). He read excerpts from several of his books, delivered any number of amusing off-the-cuff anecdotes and memorably referred to Queen as 'the Matalan Led Zep'. A very witty and likeable bloke, and well on the way to 'national treasure' status IMHO.


Richard Herring's ‘Ferrero Rocher’ gag in the comedy tent on Sunday: I won't spoil it, but it is long and involves anniversaries, pyramid building and exponential maths….


Hookworms in the I Arena on Sunday:  Amazing that a handful of blokes could make such a racket in a small clearing in a forest at 1pm in the afternoon.


The weather! An obvious point, maybe, but it makes such a difference doesn’t it? Sitting in flip flops on the grass sipping a beer with some band or other playing in the middle distance beats trudging through the Glastonbury mud in wellies any day.