Released in May via Ramber Records, Just Everywhere are Paul Baird contributing all songs, vocals, instruments, production & artwork with additional vocals, on 'Everything Else Went out of Her Head', 'Doors That Were Never Meant to Be Opened' and ' Neverthere', by Emma Inge

Paul hails from Manchester and it is a bleak, grizzly tour de force song 'This is what we do with Horses' that kicks of this debut album, (recorded on a rainy day perhaps?). Just over thirty minutes long, with sixteen songs, there is no time to wander, The atmosphere changes all the time, on the second track 'Laughing Dream' we are in a sonic landscaped space.

Paul is part of Manchester band  'I See Angels', and he started releasing solo  material as EPs last year, so this album was a natural progression. It has a general dream like state and is a grower. The longest song on the album is 'Slow Parade' at just over three minutes which means, every other song, you would really like to last that bit longer. 'Along a Corridor That Was Too Thin' builds really nicely but at under two minutes it's over far too quickly.

As I said earlier though, there is no time to get bored, if you find yourself dreaming on say 'It Looks Like up to Me' this is followed by, 'Kick out the Jams' sonic guitar on 'If You Do This, You Will Be Dead to Me'.

This is an album could be playing on a digital loop for some time!




Ramber Records