The day started a sunny and bright, spring like day in winter. Then the clouds grew darker and there was a chill in the air, we head indoors in need of some warmth. Easiest fix for that and some indoor sunshine is Jen Lekman’s latest album ‘Life Will See you Now’.

Like a solo version of Belle and Sebastian, he is able to create vital personal songs full of stories about life, love, and youthful insecurities with something to jar the memories for the older listener.

Musically sweet as syrup, disco, samba, bosa nova this record is a joy, front to back. It’s the the fourth full-length studio release from this Gothenburg based singer-songwriter. How is it the Scandinavian race seems to have such joyful pop sensibilities?

The album opens with ‘To Know your Mission’ which contains the lyrics:

"To have a dream
A GPS in your heart
A path to follow
Through the dark
Well, Jens says, "I write songs sometimes
But they're kinda bad"

Those bad songs didn’t hit this record for sure.

'Wedding in Finistère" has the waiting bridge bride saying;

"She said, "Like a five-year-old watching the ten-year-olds shoplifting
Ten-year-old watching the fifteen-year-olds French kissing
Fifteen-year-old watching the twenty-year-olds chain-smoking
Twenty-year-old watching the thirty-year-olds vanishing"

Every song has that depth of a tale to tell, Just a lovely record for anyday.