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Leicester guitar- drum duo (Beth Morris, guitars and vocals & Jamie Brown, drums and vocals) known as Jitterz released their punky, bluesy, tunefully noisy E.P. through a Kickstarter campaign. It's now also available through the usual digital formats.

I started playing this record and my initial thoughts without paying much attention were, nothing new, however when giving the record quality listening time, I was hooked!

The opening cords on 'America' from Juanita Stein’s guitar on the opening track, ‘Florence’ (inspired by a real-life photograph by Dorothea Langue, taken during the Great Depression, of the eponymous Florence Owens Thompson) sets the Americana, widescreen and tumbleweed landscapes sound of this record. Add to that Juanita’s voice; clear, sweet and equally as widescreen as the guitar.

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