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Confusingly named Peter Kernel release new long player The Size of the Night on 9th March via On The Camper records. Whilst sounding like an acoustic guitar wielding singer songwriter, the band are actually a duo comprised of Barbara and Aris, Canadian & Swiss respectively and now based out of Switzerland. When asked whether they are a couple, their response is that they don’t know. All very intriguing.

Quite an exceptional record, one that perhaps we would have liked Trent Reznor or Depeche Mode to make next.  No need to wait though, there is a new ish kid on this block and his name is Luis Vasquez who, has made an incredibly powerful industrial rock album that has been released on the Sacred Bones label.

Apart from finding a debut album that you become obsessed with, is there anything better than being sent an album by a band you have never heard of which you subsequently love, and find out that this is their 9th record?!

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